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Portraits, Raleigh NC
Children Paintings
Children Paintings
Pet Portraits, Raleigh NC
Pet Portraits
Landscapes, Raleigh NC
North Carolina Paintings, Raleigh NC
  North Carolina
Seascapes, Raleigh NC
Flowers  Paintings, Raleigh NC
Still Life Paintings, Raleigh NC
Still Life
Hispanic Culture Paintings, Raleigh NC
Hispanic Culture
Little Dreams Collection, Raleigh NC
Little Dreams

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Acrylic and Oil Painting Classes, Taught by Clina Polloni

Learn to paint a Landscape, Floral, Still Life, or Seascape.

Next Group Class: Sunday September 13, 2015. You can request a group painting class at any time on any day of the week. $25 for 2 hours, per student.

Private painting classes by appointment: $30 for 1 person, for 2 hours. $25 per person, for 2 persons or more. Need to bring you own supply, I will send you a list of supply needed for the painting that you select below.

Call Clina Polloni at 919. 841.3132
Email:, or Contact Us 
Location: 7057 Jeffreys Creek Ln., Raleigh NC 27616. Click here for map and directions.

Teaching is something that fascinate Clina.

To be able to transfer all this knowledge of art, of accomplishment after finishing a painting, to see the joy of the students admiring their work. This is her  biggest satisfaction. When teaching, she likes to talk to the student, learn what is inside their feelings, what do they want to express in a painting. Through the painting process she teaches them painting techniques, color mixing, perspective, light and shadows, proportions in forms, drawing and much more. To develop their imagination and in the process their creativity.

If you are starting to paint, I offer a selection of paintings that are easy to learn. You can see them below, make your choice and I will send you the list of supplies. Or, you can bring a picture of a painting that you would like to do.

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Learn to paint these landscapes



Fishing Village, Painting Classes, Raleigh  NC

Shelley Lake Park, Painting Classes, Raleigh NC

Painting Classes, Clouds in a Meadow, Raleigh NC

Painting Classes - The White House - Raleigh NC

Fishing Village

Shelley Lake, Raleigh, NC

Clouds in a Meadow

The White House

Autumn Trees-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

White Adobe Church-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Painting Classes, Twin Trees, Raleigh NC

Tree in a Field of Lavender-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Autumn Trees

White Adobe Church

Twin Trees

Tree in a Field of Lavender

Painting Classes, Casa de Campo, Raleigh NC




Casa de Campo





Learn to paint these Seascapes



Sand Dunes, Painting Classes, NC

Ocean House-Painting  Classes NC

Sunset in the Ocean, Emerald Isle, NC

Palm Tree-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Sand Dunes

Ocean House

Sunset in the Ocean

Palm Tree

Little House in the Island-Painting  Classes NC

Fishing Village-Painting  Classes NC
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse-Painting  Classes
Wild Sunset-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Little House in the Island

Fishing Village

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Wild Sunset

Sea Shells, painting classes, NC


White Lighthouse, painting classes NC


Sea Shells


White Lighthouse



Learn to paint these flowers



Floral-Pink Rose-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Floral-Sunflower-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Floral-Pink Tulip-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Flower-Red Poppy-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Floral-Pink Rose


Floral-Pink Tulip

Flower-Red Poppy

Flower-Purple Pansy-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Flower-Red Lily-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Red Daisy-Painting Classes-Raleigh, Cary NC
Flowers-Delphiniums-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Flower-Purple Pansy

Red Lily

Flower-Red Daisy


Summer Flowers , Painting Classes, Raleigh  NC

Pink Lily, Painting Classes, Raleigh  NC



Summer Flowers

Pink Lily



Children and People

Learn to paint children



Children Playing in Water Barrel, Painting Classes, Raleigh  NC

Children Sleigh Ride, Painting Classes, Raleigh  NC



Children Playing
in Water Barrel

Children Sleigh Ride



Still Life

Lear to paint these Still Lifes



Basket with Daisies-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Apples on a Wood Platter-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Painting Classes Still Life Raleigh NC

Flowers-Daisies-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Basket with Daisies

Apples on a Wood Platter

Artichoke & Garlic


Gold Pear-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC
Red Apple-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Painting Classes Still Life Raleigh NC

Easter Basket-Painting Classes-Raleigh NC

Gold Pear

Red Apple

Red and Yellow Peppers

Easter Basket with Eggs

Private and Group Painting Classes
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Clina Polloni
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  Paintings of Rabones

Clina Polloni lives and paint in Franklinton, NC, but also loves to travel with her canvases, especially Chile, where she was born.

If you have a photo of a beautiful place that you had visited, you can commission an oil painting in the dimensions that you need for your home.

Arts by Us

Commissioned oil portraits on canvas in Raleigh, North Carolina. Specializing in children, family, parents, grandparents, weddings, adults and official subjects. Franklinton, Cary, Durham, RTP, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest, NC.

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